Acne Treatment

While AAA Skin Solutions has made it’s name by providing highly successful anti-ageing treatments, there is another much more debilitating and embarrassing problem handled in our clinics, ACNE.

This painful, highly embarrassing skin condition has been a problem for adolescents and adults. For some it is simply a problem they grow out of, but for others, it’s a serious skin condition that can scar a person for life.

Beth has been treating chronic acne patients for years and her results are simply amazing.

If you or your child suffers from Acne you owe it to yourself and them, to get it checked out, and have a professional opinion on how best to treat it. The adverse side effects of some of the prescribed digestible treatments, can be long lasting and extremely dangerous.

Considered for generations as a ‘phase’ teenagers go through and the constant embarrassment of young people getting their ‘pimples’ just before a school dance or special date, is something that almost everyone has grown up with.

However, severe acne is more than the odd teenage pimple. It can scar and disfigure people for life. With this comes acute embarrassment, self-conscious phobias and a genuine sense of feeling inferior.

Luckily this never needs to happen in today’s society, with the use of state of the art equipment, advanced medication and treatments, and a clear understanding of the cause and effect of acne. When you are in the right hands, acne is a curable and repairable condition.

Beth Wild’s 30 years experience as a professional skin specialist has seen her successfully treat thousands of severe acne sufferers. Her state of the art equipment, together with her specialist treatments can treat clients experiencing their first embarrassing attack of acne, and remove the scarring of past acne damage.

For a consultation and discussion call the AAA Skin Solutions hotline now on 0417 792 446 and enjoy the feeling of clear healthy looking skin.